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She burned up the bed sheets with Summer Sinn and Jean Valjean in Ultimate Summer Sinn. Virtually boffed your brains out in Big Tit P.O.V. She gives all for a soft tongue and a hard ramrod. It seems like it's been a long time since brunette stunner Claudia KeAloha surfed into SCORE's Hallowed Hall of Hooters and set off the sprinklers. Now that she's back on this sunny shore, we had to invite her over for more fun and big-tit games. Looking hotter than ever and even more horny, if that was possible, Claudia is ready to once again enjoy the high, stiff one. It's time for an "Office Bust-Out" in SCORE Theater and Claudia has the right qualifications for the job as a strict manager who gets the tables turned on her by a rough-ridin' employee. She brings out the beast in her staff with her sexy bod, big tits and dirty-talking fresh mouth. But it's not Claudia's hungry mouth that is injected with nut-butter today, it's her tight punani that's loaded with a hot load and squeezed out in a cream pie filling! It's office politics at its wildest. And see more fresh vids of Claudia KeAloha at
Featuring: Claudia KeAloha and J Mac
Date: August 12th, 2011
Duration: 31:38

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Met her in a SoFla strip club ... she's totally awesome! Fantastic body, great intelligent conversationalist, total package! Wish there was more of her on here
6 years ago 
great to see her back! please get her back for more scenes soon
6 years ago 
Love her, she is so nasty. More please.

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