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Gya's in the hall! The pool hall and she's here to rack 'em up and rack you up at the same time. Warning: big-tit alert! She'll beat the pants off you. In fact, Gya will take you for every stitch you've got on. We didn't know how good Gya was at handling a stick until this. She's a girl of many talents but she never mentioned how hot she was with balls. What's your favorite part of this SCORELAND video? Gya sucking on her own nipples, her trademark? Gya stripping off her tight sweater and skirt? Gya fingering her pussy and then tasting her sweetness? Grinding her spankable ass into the felt? Her hot sex talk about balls and sperm in her erection-producing voice? The eye contact while her tits shake? This is absolutely a go-to video! More fun than you can shake a pool stick at. Gya, you've got our undivided attention so rack 'em up!
Featuring: Gya
Date: September 24th, 2012
Duration: 28:27

Member Comments

1 month ago 
@cockstroker, I could have said it more perfectly. The masturbation I have on here with Gya and the other Big Tit Goddess my favorite sex. This is what I need and this is where I cum. Over and over and over stroking my cock...
2 years ago 
Gya is perfection. A gift from the gods.
3 years ago 
please bring her back!!!
3 years ago 
Her dirty seductive talk is the hottest I have heard in a scoreland video.Between the seductive verbiage and insanely seductive cleavage she unleashes every imaginable cock stroking lusty thought from my mind. oooooo to fuck this woman!
3 years ago 
It is a pleasure to see Gya touching herself and sucking her amazing boobies
3 years ago 
Sudductrous extroadenare !!!
3 years ago 
Oh Gia who I wish I was up on that pool table doing what you ask me to do is inserting my man tool in your sweet love tunnel and filling your love tunnel up with loads of man juice. keep up the good work
4 years ago 
I wish I had a pool table and she was sitting on it naked I'd Love it.
5 years ago 
Her body is soooo beautiful. She may not be playing pool, but I'm certainly playing pocket-pool...
5 years ago 
Made a special effort to get to see this one, based on the description in the just-received Voluptuous. YES! Well worth it! Finally a video showing a decent amount of self-sucking! Why on Earth it is so hard to see that, I'll never understand; many guys want to see every big-tit woman do that. Now, add one more -- a solid entirely-self-sucking video of Gya really masturbating with toys and self-sucking continuously all during it. After all, it sounds like she does this on her own every day anyway! (She won't be able to talk with her mouth full, but grunts and moans will do... :-)
5 years ago 
hottest dirty talk strip ive ever seen... shes a true goddess
5 years ago 
She is a hot and stunning beauty.
5 years ago 
Gya is better than viagra
5 years ago 
Gya is the personification of the term seductress. There are probably few heterosexual men that she would not be able to seduce. I would be putty in her hands.
5 years ago 
OMG She is sooo hot. I want her so bad.. Would love to make love to her for days. The outfits fantastic and the poses perfect...
5 years ago 
I do love me some Gya! Very pretty and wonderfully voluptuous.
5 years ago 
Gya is so damn sexy. She has the most amazing voluptuous body I have ever seen. Those incredible tits that I would want to suck and fuck forever, that sweet looking pussy that again I could suck and fuck forever, then having that nice hot looking ass that I could lick and fuck forever. She is just incredible. I hope she decides to do XXX one day, I would love to she this sexy woman in action handling a hard cock and cum all over those awesome tits, I would love to offer up my own services if needed.
5 years ago 
OMG Gya is hot, hot, hot !!!!! Love the posing in lingerie. I
would lock myself in the bedroom with her and fuck her for
days ! I'll bet she tastes so gooood, too.
5 years ago 
I love this woman's belly button...

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