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G Is For G-cups

Featuring: Victoria Lane
Date: March 28th, 2016
Duration: 31:33
In a "shoulda" world, Kansas-born Victoria Lane should have modeled for much longer than she did. She had the perfect, 42-32-42 voluptuous body, a pretty and sexy face and a great personality, both off-camera and on. Victoria took to showing off very quickly as this double-feature from the SCORE Archives proves. Maybe Victoria picked up some ideas from watching adult videos at home. "I love to use a vibrator and a vibrating dildo at the same time when I watch porn," said Victoria. First, a bedroom show and then she's a sex education teacher who tosses her students out of her classroom after catching them doodling sex drawings. Now she can get some serious desk time in and do her own doodling. .

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December 15, 2016
Oh Victoria, You re still so red ho exotic srexy that you make my dick so rock solid steel hard that I still wish I could fuck that sweet wet pink honey box pussy and lick up every last drop of that cunt pussy nector juices oozing ot of that amazing fuck hole which I just know would taste so delicious.
March 28, 2016
oh Victoria, You are really red hot classy sexy lady with that amazing body that just oozes sexual pleasure. I would truly love to play and kiss those maganificent breast and suck on those pert nipples and make them even harder than my big long rock solid dick. after r worshiping those amazing breast I would very slowly go down to that sweet wet slick jucie girly looking pussy with those perfect pussy lips and stick my long hard tongue all the way up to your G spot and suck out every last drop of that sweet pussy juice out When I saw you fucking your pussy with that realistic cock dildo and that pussy jucie oozing out I tried to hold back my hot boiling load of sperm cum but it just burst out all over the place giving my dick so much sexual pleasure I wish that you were feeling the same. You are really a true sexual natural at what you do just giving us so much pleasure. I hope you never stop doing such a great job, but if you do I will continue to watch your video over and over again and shoot my big load every time. You are really great at what you do.

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