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Anastasia Lux is eager to make a night of it with Leny who's just walked in the door. She's been waiting for him and she's horny. Her big, fantastic boobs are bulging under her low-cut dress. Two bosom beacons that draw you in like magnets attracting metal. Leny's reclining in a chair and Anastasia makes her move on him, ready to unbuckle his belt. He stops her. No, he's not crazy. Leny tells her that he wants Anastasia to strip for him first. He wants to see Anastasia's voluptuously sexy body and her beautiful big tits. Anastasia laughs but she agrees.
Featuring: Anastasia Lux and Leny Ewil
Date: March 27th, 2015
Duration: 18:10

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Amazing breasts with huge dark enticing areolas and juicy thick and soft suckable nipples. Does she have milk too?
3 years ago 
Wow, I couldn't believe what my eyes have just seen! Beautiful Brit Anastasia doing a sausage dancing! It is astonishing to watch a big titted angel like her doing the nasty with a real prick... What else can I say about this scene, nothing but: GOT DAMN LUCKY DUDE THAT ONE WHO FUCKED HER IN THIS SCENE!!! More XXX featuring Anastasia plz! lml
3 years ago 
Please say she'll be doing more scenes, can't get enough of Anastasia!
3 years ago 
what a violent orgasm at the end when the guy cums
3 years ago 
Hot fucking Baby ... real large tits & heels and stockings :) please more !
3 years ago 
Finally a woman that can act!

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