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Built For Bikinis

Featuring: Claudia KeAloha
Date: November 30th, 2014
Duration: 21:25
Claudia KeAloha is back at the SCORE studio, looking better and bustier than ever. In the dressing room, Claudia tries on a variety of tiny bikinis that could start a stampede at the beach. If anyone has a bikini-ready body, she's Claudia KeAloha. There are no still photos of this bikini modeling, only video. Dave asks Claudia what she does to stay in such beautiful shape. Claudia says it's a combination of Muy Thai kickboxing training, jogging and swimming. And it definitely shows. She's smokin' hot and if you've seen her XXX videos, you know what a hot chick she is. As Claudia bikinis-up, you'll hear a girl's voice in the background making sex sounds and yelling like she's being banged. That's because she is being banged.

What Members are saying about this update...

October 29, 2015
She does remarkable things for clothes. I'd like to see her in a Roman-style toga. You could call the pictorial "I, Claudia".
December 01, 2014
You guys should have done a photoshoot with this, those bikinis look FANTASTYTASTIC on her!
December 01, 2014
I'm not usually a Claudia KeAloha's big fan but I got to accept that watching this video of her trying all those tiny bikinis, it made me feel very horny and put my dick very hard, specially when she is wearing that orange mini bikini... her curves look like a guitar wearing that orange bikini!!! Thank you so much for this scene, I think you've realized that we love big jugs, curvy chicks in tiny colored bikinis... I hope you could do more scenes like this with many models as possible. Thumb up. lml

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