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Crystal Gunns In Tits & Tugs

Featuring Crystal Gunns
Date May 24th, 2009
Duration 20:02
Crystal Gunns (and Cindy Cupps upcoming) actually stroking off a cock to detonation? Some never thought they would ever see that event. It took a very long time to make this one time happening a reality. If you've been a SCORE Guy for the past seven years, you know it's a major thing to actually see Crystal in P.O.V. photography jacking a dude off and getting her tits fucked. Actually spanking is the better word since we remember Crystal's August 2005 interview when the visual splendor of Crystal doing anything with a guy was a neural discharge in a SCORE editor's brain. "That's what the guys usually tell me at the clubs," Crystal said. "'I spank off to you all the time, Crystal!' So, I'd rather hear that word, spanking, then jerking off. I always wonder why they can't say something more seductive than, 'I'm spanking off to you!' I wish they would say it nicer like, 'I enjoy your photos' or 'I enjoy your movies.'" Whatever you want to call it..hand-job, palm-party, happy-ending..we are very grateful to Crystal and Cindy for lending a hand (and their deep cleavage). Tits & Tugs turned out to be one of the most popular DVDs and it's still on the best-seller list, even beating out some hardcore movies, and much of the success is due to these two. When the guy popped, Crystal didn't skip a beat even though she was clearly surprised when he lost his load.

What Members are saying about this update...

April 14, 2015
I second what Big Cans said, SCORE do more in bra tit fucks! This is my favorite SCORE tit fuck of all time.
May 25, 2014
Crystal could have become an even bigger star if she kept up with boy/girl scenes.
Big Cans
June 17, 2013
Did she get that bra off of a Camaro? Scoreland needs to do more in bra tit
April 14, 2012
its terrific really....crystal youre the best even she didnt
expecting the cum so fast she can manage that like a pro
really a pity she didint make and really hardcore
March 24, 2012
Best tit-fuck ever...
nuff said.
Chris B
November 04, 2010
Oh my God!!!!! Watching Crystal work that lucky dude's cock was amazing. I wish she would've at least kissed it. looked amazing! Thank you!
August 24, 2010
Oh man, I couldn't believe I was seeing Crystal Gunns jerk off a guy on film. It was so hot! Would it be too much to see hardcore? If it is, then at least I saw this. Thank you Crystal!
June 12, 2010
Crystal gave a really hot tit fuck and a classic i have longed to see and would it not be so fantastic to also see a big cock go up crystals pussy?
June 12, 2010
i would give anything to fuck your huge fat tits!

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