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You don't need a degree in light science to know what has the higher-powered, more dazzling highbeams. Your car's lights or Hitomi's twin highbeams. You pull up to the address your Japanese connection in Tokyo gave you. There you will see one of the most beautiful girls in all of Japan waiting outside at 8PM. Do not be late or she will vanish. When you get to this building, she is waiting outside and illuminated in the glow of your headlights. She walks over to you when you park and leans into the window, her sexy, bulging cleavage preceding her. She looks at you with a quizzical expression. Hitomi is one of those girls whose face always signals the promise of a connection. Her eyes signal interest once she has sized you up.
Featuring: Hitomi
Date: May 29th, 2012
Duration: 21:58

Member Comments

2 years ago 
I totally agree with user comment from 2012 July 02, he said "Hitomi must be an evolutionary dead end. A missing
link if you will. Because it's simply not possible for a
short and skinny Japanese girl to have naturals this big" . I have to say that she is a divine interpretation from the universe itself, because what genetics you can imagine had been mutate in her DNA to be able to have such a unique pair of huge natural long saggy breast, her body�s ratio is out of charts, thanks Score for bringing this beauty to us. But I must ask to Score to please get more pictures and video of her and the other models but showing her entire body on camera, not only close-ups or even worse just very low angle video shots showing yes the full body but already distorted because the camera is positioned very very low almost near the ground to what they call wormview, they are ok, as long as the full (human eye level)body shots are also included in every single update's material, all I ask is a few pictures and a small portion of the video captured in this fashion that way we will have a variety of angles not only close ups or distorted low angle video shots. Those full body shots will allow us to judge her measurements, hips, boobs, the whole body, with no distortion just as beautiful as the model is...thanks
3 years ago 
she is amazing
4 years ago 
I love Hitomi I wish I could see her in person
6 years ago 
that Japanese law is bullshit, cant show pussy but 20 pixelated little cocks jerk off and cover her in cum. Cmon, they invented tentacle porn but they censer real pussy? I love Hitomi and not looking for bukkake by any means but some pussy be nice, kinda getting boring....
6 years ago 
6 years ago 
She has a succulent body and great natural breasts. Wish she would do some authentic masturbation, or even better some real hardcore. Such a gem.

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