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Ever had a waitress who looked like Liza Biggs? If you did, you are in the minority. And if you did, you should have told her about SCORELAND. No one would be able to concentrate on their food with Liza bending over you to drop off your plate.

SCORELAND: So if we saw you at the mall, how would you be dressed?

Liza: I'd be showing a lot of cleavage. I like my boobs, and I enjoy my body.

SCORELAND: You enjoy your boobs? How do you enjoy them?

Liza: Just everything about them and with anything I wear. I really like how they look in T-shirts. I even have cleavage when I'm wearing a T-shirt.

SCORELAND: So even when you're wearing a T-shirt...

Liza: I still have the cleavage. They're just that freaking big.

SCORELAND: So you're a JJJ. How old were you when you were a D-cup?

Liza: Hmm. I think I was a D-cup when I was 14 and a DD when I was 15.

SCORELAND: When did you break the J barrier?

Liza: When… Read More »
Featuring: Liza Biggs
Date: February 3rd, 2015
Duration: 17:48

Member Comments

3 years ago 
great newcomer here bring her back
3 years ago 
Big breasted women are the most sexiest women. Liza's voluptuous figure is always thrilling to behold. I mean her huge tits, thick booty and pretty face get my cock so damn hard.

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