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The Body Shop

Featuring: Liza Biggs and Carlos Rios
Date: January 7th, 2016
Duration: 21:11
Word to the wise. Do not get Lisa Biggs angry. That's what auto mechanic Carlos Rios learns when super-busty beauty Liza comes marching into his repair shop. Liza's as mad as all hell over the repair bill for her vehicle. Liza blitzes Carlos with hurricane force over what she feels is price gouging. Carlos defends himself without blowing his cool. He doesn't foresee that Liza will be blowing more than his cool very shortly. Knowing that yelling at Carlos is getting them both nowhere, Liza tries a different, lighter, more hands-on approach. Seeing that his eyes are focused on her big bumpers and curvy chassis, Liza aims her headlights in his direction and turns on her high beams. She encourages him to drop his price.

What Members are saying about this update...

January 08, 2016
I have this extreme lust for light-skinned black chicks with big tits, especially when they dye their hair blonde. The fact that she's from my hometown doesn't hurt, either! Love you, Liza!!!
January 08, 2016
Like the anonymous commenter said, these two performers are quite good together...someone else said in the blog I believe that they have chemistry....oh so true. I end up wanting more of their banter; his resisting her and her turning up the heat of seduction...who could resist her though??? Like he said, she IS a VERY beautiful woman. Liza fans are a straight train wreck when she crafts new work...well, I'll speak for me, I'm always excited to see new work from Liza. I sincerely hope she wins an award this year, but that is up to the readers. She is a fantastic model and I am enamored with every inch of her and her work and her spell has me intoxicated and entranced for days. Go Liza Go, full speed ahead, you are quite the super high octane hottie!!

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