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The Busty Realtor

Featuring: Liza Biggs
Date: September 3rd, 2015
Duration: 21:52
If the United States had busty realtors built like Lisa Biggs in 2008, the crash would have never happened. Liza is showing Carlos Rios a swanky bachelor pad. He seems more interested in Ms. Biggs's swanky body and big natural swanky boobs. She looks very interested in him. Liza shows him the large panoramic windows and then suddenly, with a big smile, whips off her top in a flash. This is a common realtor practice to demonstrate how much privacy a buyer can have in the house. Except when Liza does it, everything comes to a halt and brain freeze locks in for a few seconds. Handling this well, Carlos joins in and takes off his shirt too. Now that they've been properly introduced, Liza welcomes Carlos's roamin' hands touching her huge, perfectly shaped ta-tas capped by large (three inches), darker-colored areolae.

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October 04, 2016
Still screwing you everyday, Liza!!! Let's FUCK, FUCK and FUCK!!!
August 12, 2016
Thanks, for servicing my aching balls and throbbing cock, baby!!! Let's FUCK three times a day!!!
September 11, 2015
only one comment..albeit agreeable, it is far from enough to do this bountiful model the significant justice she aptly deserves. Wet, hard and dizzy are only a couple of the adjectives necessary when describing ones experience when they encounter a new shoot or vid from Liza. She walks on scene and lights up the room with magentic beauty, personality galore, gorgeous eyes and an arresting smile. She could sell electricity to ConEd with no effort. She has beauty nailed down...the whole beginning of the vid showcases what she does to full clothing; kills it as if it were her job and who doesn't love to see how beautiful her curves are when accented in full clothing, It keeps the mystery alive but we know the good fortune is coming our way because it's TSG, and she is going to loose the clothes and we are the benefactors.....I LOVE the stockings and heels throughout...this lady throws me far over the fence with her facial and mouth expressions while she is doing her magic...her pussy is a pure delight and those massive tits never fail to entrance me, and the duo, coupled with that super sexy torso and hips and, finishing with that illustrious face, hair and eyes...I'm screwed with a pole in my pants and a pile of fantasy desire. She is gorgeous, plain and simple and I am always very eager to see what she has created next...what a fukin hottie that always gets me wet, hard and hot...thanks babe, you are one of a kind.
September 05, 2015
Love her nipples

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