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Sock 'er In The Locker

Featuring: Missy Monroe
Date: February 16th, 2015
Duration: 25:23
Missy Monroe returned to SCORELAND with bigger boobs and more curves more than ten years after she had locker room sex for 18eighteen. Matt is Missy's soccer coach and to improve her game, coach has definite ideas about what Missy can do to amp up her play. Namely, suck his cock and open her legs for his tongue and a hard dick pounding. After 18eighteen, Missy got busy in California. Unlike most 18eighteeners who get their fill of bangers and move on, Missy stuck to her guns. And even as a teen, her guns were loaded. They got even bigger as the years cruised on as her scene "Anal Cream For A Blonde Cum Collector" proves. .

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