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Let's Get Physical

Featuring: Roxi Red
Date: January 2nd, 2016
Duration: 19:22
A woman whose pictures have decorated the bathroom or garage walls of many male employees at SCORE, Roxi Red is visiting the doctor today. These days, everyone claims to be a doctor, notably a breast specialist. Roxi tells him that she's here because it seems that her already huge boobs keep growing. The doc agrees and tells Roxi that her breasts have definitely gotten bigger since her last check-up. He seems to know this immediately without even seeing her bare tits. It's obvious he's a SCORE and Voluptuous reader or a SCORELAND member. The doc does need to see Roxi in all of her glory and tells her he needs to "take them out" so he pulls the top of her dress down and gets hands-on. Everyone take a deep breath and try not to hyperventilate. The doctor begins his hands-on exam, a procedure that is not exactly in-line with proper guidelines but that's the idea anyway. These unorthodox procedures include burying his face in her hooters, holding each boob and shaking it, sucking the nipples and placing the patient on her tummy with her tits hanging over the exam table while the doctor lays on the floor and sucks them as they're dangling.

What Members are saying about this update...

May 12, 2016
Roxi's big milk bags drive me crazy! I really enjoyed how her huge hooters were hanging down when she got fucked doggy. This girl's tits are the best!
February 01, 2016
Roxi i want to marry you and get you pregnant!
January 05, 2016
With boobs like her's the camera guys should never film the back of her head or her back for that matter. You guys need to step it up this scene could have been classic.
January 04, 2016
id fuck her anytime but especially on the beach!
January 04, 2016
Roxi your are my dream !!!
January 03, 2016
Roxi Roxii Roxi...still killin' it with ease. This vignette showcases Roxi as the true dream she is. Gladly, there are no comparisons, she's essentially in a league of her own. It is easy to get lost in praise since her beauty and gorgeousness demand it. I find the only words to be that of a glowing affection for this truly captivating model. She carries all that dream beauty in a seductive and mesmerizing way that allows any shoot or vid she produces to be an absolute must see. Any clothes, any location and any style of shoot, Roxi radiates uber cuves and hotness of superior dreams and fantasies. Lovin' every inch gorgeous, thanks~
January 03, 2016
WOWWWWWWW, I like !!!
January 02, 2016
Please dont get a breast reduction Roxi they are just perfect,your so sexy.
January 02, 2016

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