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Roxi Returns!

Featuring: Roxi Red
Date: December 4th, 2015
Duration: 18:09
Another big surprise, and we do mean big, is the long-awaited return of Roxi Red after two years away from the SCORELAND men who love her. "Simply stunning!" Sean commented on the Blog. "I always wondered if Roxi was going to return and I am delighted at this news. Genuinely massive naturals and certainly in the Premier League of gargantuan tits along with Poppos, Miosotis and a few others." Now this is our ultimate idea of the perfect SCORE meeting. Roxi conducts it from the beginning to the climax, shedding her clothes with each point of business discussed. We agree and support every motion Roxi makes. This is how future SCORE plans should be tabled, with each department head getting those K-cups thrust in their faces! Dream on! "It looked to me as if Roxi's tits had gotten bigger (they were K-cups) and she'd slimmed down," Dave wrote on that Blog entry. Roxi's waist is definitely trimmer. She's one of the greatest slim and stacked naturals since 1992, like an Otis Sweat painting come to life. Welcome back, Roxi Red!

What Members are saying about this update...

August 31, 2016
my boner aches
December 11, 2015
Roxi's huge natural tits and her pussy juices are a perfect combination.
December 07, 2015
The addage of good things come to those who wait finds its mark here...we had some time go by, the clouds parted and voila! the statuesque beauty of stratospheric curves got back in the drivers seat!! Roxi is more beautiful than ever and is still one of the dreamiest models. I LOVE her outfit, hair and makeup as it is pure fantasy. Then with expertise, she lights up her gorgeousness with some me time at the desk and all the the moments that lead to her getting those gorgeous digits etc into her delicious box are to be savored. Who wouldn't kill to try and flirt with this electric hottie....I'd be first in line as she is unique, warm and very beautiul. I hope she continues to shoot for TSG since she only know how to kill any scene and setting she creates...thanks babe!
December 05, 2015
Wow!!! This is great! One of the hottest huge tit models of the last decade is back! Welcome back, Roxi! I really love her, she is more beautiful than ever and those natural, juicy gazongas look bigger than my bed's pillows! Thank you Score dudes for this well ahead X-mas gift, hope you give us more of her and if she can ride on the real boner while she bounces those humongous glands again, that would be better. lml
December 05, 2015
Crikey, those things are so huge they must have their own zip code!!!!!!!! Wow, really enjoying seeing this lady back after two years. The gargantuan tits are simply awe-inspiring and I hope this is the first of many new shoots. This girl is straying into an area I thought was unreachable, namely into Miosotis territory!!!!

On an interesting sidenote, I have it on good authority that the massively-mammaried Maserati wants to shoot with Roxi!! Quite simply this could be the event of 2016, the ebony big boob summit to end all big boob summits!!! One to think about and salivate over lol
December 05, 2015
Roxy , I would like to climb your twin mountains of heaven and explore the valley in between them. Then travel down to visit your sweetness. I love a women with dark skin and huge tits. You are a dream.
December 04, 2015
So glad to see roxi back, great video, she is my favorite score model. Bring on more Roxi.
December 04, 2015

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