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Creamy Blonde With Heavy Jugs

Featuring: Alana Anderson
Date: December 7th, 2009
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Meet Alana Anderson. She's new to SCORELAND. And she has a pair of very perky, pointy, puffy and large nipples that make breast-men drool when they see them. Alana's areolae are, in comparison, small and her boobs have the kind of veiny texture that many tit-lovers enjoy. (We used to get letters praising Nicole Peters' veiny boobs and still get them about Sapphire.) She has a shaved pussy and usually doesn't wear panties. Alana is a Scorpio, the horniest of the signs. She says she masturbates daily with large vibrators, several times a day and is highly orgasmic. She likes to model sexy outfits, heels, bikinis and skimpy underwear for guys, then toy her pussy while they watch. Now that's entertainment! Those tits are really made for fucking and soaking in hot cum so maybe Alana will do a Tits & Tugs scene one day. Alana is also a milker.

What Members are saying about this update...

September 16, 2015
please bring Alana back to scoreland. Alana is beautiful!
February 25, 2012
will you have alana in score again
December 06, 2011
Thank you for showing photos of Alana and her lactating breasts! She lactates even without squeezing them! I love them!
January 16, 2011
Alana is what us true breastman refer to as a true busty blonde, Goldilocks all grown up, if you will. Alana is the type of creamy blonde that all of us have fantasized about all of our lives as breastman, like the dreamy scene in the film RISKY BUSINESS, when Joel met his erotic blonde call girl at his house while his parents were gone.

Alana's curvy figure is one that deserves the respect of a work of art like the Venus or David statues. If I ever had the opportunity to be around Alana, I would savor every one of my senses with her starting with stimulating her mind with conversation to find out what her sensual mind finds arousing.

I believe that the key to Alana's arousal is through her mind and the gentle touch of exploration of her body along the lines of Tantric Sexuality. It's the art of gliding my hand along her covered
hip, then later once again over her naked one, feeling the texture and warmth of her skin along my fingers, that I think would stimulate her sensual mind the most.

Yes, Alana is like a work of art, and I'm sure that the slow exploration of her mind and body that I'm talking about would arouse her to know end to multiple and satisfying orgasms.

I'd like to refer to this pic below as one of my favorites. Look at Alan's eyes as they reveal that when she touches her aroused nipple, it gives her great erotic pleasure. So, I can imagine more of that dreamy orgasmic look on her face if I was gently caressing her nipples with my fingers leading to full-on suckling to extract that sweet milk of hers.

Alana is a busty beauty to be admired and respected for the beauty that she shares with us.

Thank you, Alana, for sharing your dreamy figure with us admiring breastmen!
November 20, 2010
More of this fuckbunny!
August 28, 2010
AWESOME!!!Milkin' big tits!!Lactating LARGE breasted women are the BEST!!!The video is the best 10/10!!!!
April 11, 2010
WOW those are some fantastic nipples, rate them right next to Brandy Talore
April 04, 2010
Wow pure sexy I just love her!!!

More please!
March 17, 2010
The most beautiful boobs in the world. Please more her.

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