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Newcomer Makes Good

Veterinary tech Anastasia Blake debuted in New Discoveries. Now she makes her debut in September '11 Voluptuous. This newcomer to nekkid modeling lives in Ohio and loves to read (she's a big fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series and the Anita Blake books). Anastasia's single and she says she has both a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Three's company, anyone? She's adventurous and open-minded. Her kinkiest experience was one she remembers very well. "My girlfriend came to my house, as she did most weekends before she moved, and the evening ended with both of us in bed with my boyfriend. We tied him up and I sucked his cock while he ate her out and she ate me out. It was pretty intense and so amazing!" One of her sexual fantasies goes like this. "I'm getting a massage from a tall, dark handsome, mostly or completely nude man on a secluded beach.
Featuring: Anastasia Blake
Date: September 25th, 2011
Duration: 73

Member Comments

11 months ago 
@TJ, yes MAGNIFICENT, GORGEOUS, KILLER LEGS, all of that and even more she is, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. Bu let me tell you what I think. I strongly believe that all the incredible good comments about her, is really produced because the photographer finally delivered a FULL COMPLETE BODY RENDITION on pics 10,16,23,42,43 notice how AMAZING, STUNNING IS HER BODY CAPTURED, notice how her boobs are alone hanging free, notice how infinite useful is a FULL BODY SHOT when camera is NOT TOO LOW, thankfully on these shots camera is just at the right height not too low, not too high. THESE IMAGES ARE JUST THE PARADISE, because we not only can see finally her complete body nude or topless, but we can also measure her beautiful wide hips, her meaty legs, and then make a comparison to the rest of her body, like for example we can make a boobs-shoulders-hips ratio comparison and this girl has everything she is super busty, with long heavy boobs and she has big butt with beautifully wide hips. ALL OF THAT we can judge thanks to this useful COMPLETE FROM HEAD TO TOE BODY SHOTS STANDING UP STRAIGHT WITH BOOBS HANGING FREE NO HANDS COVERING HIDING OR PRESSING THEM. "I have a dream" that DEAR SCORE tells camera-crew to ALWAYS ALWAYS include these type of full body shots on STILLS AND ALSO ON VIDEO IS MORE THAN FAIR TO RECORD THE MODEL at least 15 seconds showing the entire body with camera not too low, just placing camera to a normal camera height level. Can you imagine that dream come true for all models coming this year 2017 and the 2018 it would be just what the models deserve to be captured in full, not just with tons of close ups and only with camera only placed and only using the "FROM BELOW BOOBS CAMERA ANGLE, sadly that is already the vast majority of shots on every single video and stills, incredibly camera crew is almost not interested in capturing the whole body with camera far from model, far enough to see her WHOLE BODY at least on 1 frontal shot picture and at least on 15 seconds of the same full body shot then model can walk showing the whole body, instead cameraman is only super close to model, the result is that he almost never show us the whole body on cam. Too sad...
1 year ago 
6 years ago 
Very nice figure...............pretty face too.
6 years ago 
Anastasia Blake, Terry Jane, And Terry Nova are proof that a model boesn't have to have every inch in the right place to make dicks hard. I love those models built for CUMFORT!!!
6 years ago 
I agree with everything TJ said! SHE IS PERFECT!!! PLEASE GIVE US MORE OF HER !!!
6 years ago 
I love Anastasia. She's such the girl in the supermarket in the checkout line in front of me and makes me want to crash my cart into her over and over and over again! lol Thanks
6 years ago 
Wow! Anastasia' s got a beautiful pussy! Just beautiful, thanks Anastasia for
showing your horny little fuckhole to me. I already am a big fan of you. Kiss.
6 years ago 
A more PERFECT HOUR-GLASS figure you've never had!! She is MAGNIFICENT! OMG!!! She's BEAUTIFUL! She has EVERYTHING!!!: GORGEOUS BIG TITS, SPECTACULAR ASS, KILLER LEGS. PLEASE sign her for many more shootings!!
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