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My World Revolves Around My Tits!

Featuring: Angel Gee
Date: August 13th, 2009
Photos: 43
"A bra can last me a long time because I hardly ever wear them," says Angel Gee, destroying a swimsuit in the August '09 SCORE. "I can keep them for a while and they still look brand new, but I'm always up to buying new stuff. I love to shop for my boobs. I honestly have never weighed them. Everybody asks me that. They say, 'Those things must weigh at least 10 pounds apiece,' but I've never weighed them myself. I can tell you that when I stepped on the scale after I got my boobs larger, my weight did go up. I always go braless. If I go out and it's a style of shirt where I have to wear a bra, I do, but other than that, if I wear a tank top or something, I don't wear a bra because they stay up on their own. And then my piercings show through whatever I'm wearing.

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