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Scarlet Fever

Anna looks good in red. She'd look good in a flour sack. But she looks her best wearing the air. This Italian pixie is short and stacked with a sexy killer accent. (Watch her in action in her two SCORELAND videos and her other vid on XLGirls.) Miss Carlene was a dancer before she became a nekkid model. You don't see too many girls built like Anna in American strip clubs. Leave it to the Europeans to hire the earthy, Rubenesque girls. Anna says she gets a kick out of parading her fat titties and big ass around. She could have kept her dancing a secret and never stepped in front of a camera but we know an exhibitionist when we see one. It's in their genes.
Featuring: Anna Carlene
Date: October 8th, 2010
Duration: 69

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Dear Anna Carlene, I miss you a lot.
7 years ago 
Very great girldegirl!
7 years ago 
A beauty from Scoreland that we did not see often. But what beauty she is.
7 years ago 
Nice the thick. Just how I like them!
7 years ago 
Anna is one of the hottest SCORE ladies around!!! Her eyes, her curves, her accent...EVERYTHING!!! She's HOT!!!
7 years ago 
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