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Nursing Assistant

Featuring: Annie Swanson, Lilith, and Joey Ray
Date: May 18th, 2015
Photos: 62
Annie Swanson's employment agent has sent Annie out to two jobs so far. After sizing up her big 'ole natural tits and voluptuous body and her overall cuteness, his first suggestion was for Annie to try phone sex and webcam. That wasn't to Annie's taste. The second was managing a ladies' clothing boutique but Annie couldn't keep her hands off Ana, a female customer, and they fucked right in the store which cut into sales. Now Annie's being sent to a local hospital to start as a nursing assistant. She likes this idea because she can sincerely help heal the sick. She meets sultry brunette Lilith who's got some soft curves and big jugs herself. And some unique ideas about healthcare for some of her patients. Girls will be girls, so when they see head-trauma victim Joey, their instincts for fun kick in and they take turns sucking him off and feeding him their thick nipples and wet pussy lips. Joe's head may be in bad shape but his cock and balls are working fine and that's all our two curvy heroines care about.

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