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Newcomer of the Year 2009 Winner

When Ashley debuted in last year's June edition, it was a sure bet that she would be a major contender. The past year has not been without controversy. Some felt Ashley was too voluptuous for the traditionally slim 'n' stacked SCORE body shape. Another faction didn't get the open-leg poses they are used to because Ashley believes in old-skool glamour modeling. No spread pink, and no overly explicit poses. With Miss Ellison's 36J naturals and gorgeous, pouty face, there were no complaints from the breastaholic community. Just baring those tits was enough of a gift to mankind. And a few complained about Ashley not smiling and looking too serious. Some of their letters were published in Scorecard, some were not. The voting was interesting in itself.
Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: May 4th, 2010
Duration: 54

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Ashley is one of the best! Bring Ashley back! It's time in 2017!
4 years ago 
Well said Zach71 .
6 years ago 
Man some of you guys here are some really unappreciative
picky ass dudes. If you don't like her, move on to another
girl but stop complaining already! The rest of us can
appreciate a woman that leaves something to the imagination
think Ashley is gorgeous just the way that she is.
7 years ago 
Sorry, same same boring tits for teens softporn. Not every model can do a DP but seriously this is just...
7 years ago 
It may be a bad idea to let your cock guide you through life, but it's a different matter for picking porn, where I always let my cock guide me. And my cock is telling me that I'd love to fuck Ashley every bit as much as Eva Notty, or Karina, or Summer Sinn, or damn near every chick that's ever appeared in this magazine since the beginning. Whether real or fake, slim and stacked or thick and natural, line 'em up, bend 'em over and I'd fuck 'em all! Or better yet, kneel 'em down and I'd fuck their tits! To me, that's what Score has always been about (and why I've always loved it), it's a mish-mash of all sorts of women with the type of massive tits you're not likely to even SEE in your day-to-day life, let alone get to fuck. Keep the busty ladies coming, Score, and they'll keep me cumming! Just my two cents.
8 years ago 
more of ashley in stockings
8 years ago 
Ashley is a shapely girl, but will she ever show some pink, and will this chick ever smile. Always the same look on her face. Everyone of her pics look the same, just in different locations. If you are going to keep showing her in your mags, you need to do something different, or move on already.
8 years ago 
Are you a jilted ex or something?
8 years ago 
the more ashley i get, the more i want!
8 years ago 
the more ashley i get, the more i want!
8 years ago 
You are stunningly beautiful. Thank you for sharing
8 years ago 
It never ceases to amaze me how much lying dribble you (whoever writes this shit) can dish out! I for one will never ever believe Ashley won new cummer of the year. No way, no how! I for one think she is a spoiled brat! Rarely even smiles for God sakes! How fuckin hard is that to do? I always rate her as low as I possibly can in any Pictorial simply because I cant stand her attitude! I think your magazine is run by a bunch of dumb fucks! For all you morons who like to see pussy hair, I wish you had to eat it in every bowl of cereal every morning for breakfast! In short, go fuck yourselves!
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