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MOY 2010: 1st Runner-Up

Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: May 19th, 2011
Photos: 45
This year, Ashley Sage took 1st Runner-Up in the V-mag Model of the Year contest. Last year was a heady one for Ashley, who won both SCORE and V-mag's best Newcomer award for 2009, a win that was not without controversy as far as SCORE went. The blonde from Manchester--where Rutherford split the atom at Manchester University in 1919 but, more importantly, where Ashley did not split her lovely pussy to show the pink--has killer tits, full, ripe and packed. Those amazing boobs, and her lovely, pouty face guaranteed it would be a battle royale for 2010's V-mag MOY. Ultimately, Renee Ross' explosive sexuality, great looks, huge tits and gleeful personality prevailed with voters. "The race for model of the year couldn't have been closer and you can see why," Ashley's fellow Brit B.T. believed. "Ashley Sage Ellison is perfect in every way. Those suckable boobs, awesome big butt and come-fuck-me eyes. The fact that she does no hardcore makes little difference to me.

What Members are saying about this update...

June 09, 2011
SRSLY? Again? Why don't you simply repost this set in every month magazine, will be a time saver...

What a fucking stunner she is! Are here juggs getting bigger by the way?
May 20, 2011
Avast! Thar be a beautiful wench shipwrecked! Blow me Down!
May 20, 2011
Best Ashley set ever! Loved the costume and setting. Several stunning photos of Ashley's incredible thighs and ass. Ashley has become the queen of tease and I was grateful that she exposed her beautiful smile in photo 44.
May 20, 2011
well hopfully she never does win anything, shes hot and everything but she still won't show it all that's why i say that. looking at her pics is like looking at a ***** pictorial.if models are not going to show it all,turn them away until they do. i don't want to waste my hard earned money on a tease. if i wanted that i'd buy ********.
May 19, 2011
This is the hottest photo shoot i have seen since i joined
May 19, 2011
Gorgeous girl. Maybe the perfect slightly plumper body. I just wish she would show that beautiful smile (pic 44) more. I'm not a big fan of the pouty look,but in her case I'll let it go. I'm sure she's wondering about that. I also don't care if she ever does XXX. She's just such a joy to behold.
May 19, 2011
Not a very good idea to put Ashley in such a hostile and abrasive environment. Somehow this just doesn't fit Ashley. I'd like to see her after hours in McDonalds as cleaning lady.
May 19, 2011
very nice naturals... is she every going to show some pink?

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