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A Braful of Boz

Featuring: Bozena
Date: January 14th, 2009
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Mention Bozena to the average big-boob or porn fan in America and the odds are good that he (or she) won't know who she is. But in Europe, especially in Germany or the Czech Republic, Bozena's very well known. Bozena has wound it down in recent times, nowhere near as prolific as she was a few years ago when she was taking the pocket-pork between her mountains or making out with such buxom luminaries as Israel's Eden and Kelly Kay. After seeing her scene with Kelly in Bosom Buddies 6, breast-expert blogger Reese from MyBoobSite wrote, "After sharing a sensual shower, they hit the bed with more than enough pussy licking and grinding to prove they're not faking it! But it's the double-ended dildo scene that really clinches it for me, with both girls off in their own little worlds, furiously rubbing their clits to indubitable orgasm. And thus, my faith in porn has been restored." The way that scene was shot and the naturalness of their reactions also contributed to the reality of their sex play, with Bozena as the dominant girl. Now in her mid-30s, Bozena said she sees no definite end yet to her modeling career. "I still love it," Bozena emailed from Prague. "I think I still look good and I hope to keep on modeling for a few more years before I settle down. I enjoy making pictures and videos. I think this can be seen.

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