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There's Something About Bridgette

Featuring: Bridgette B and Tony Rubino
Date: November 24th, 2014
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Bridgette B. says she's very noisy when she fucks or when she's spanking her pussy herself. "At home, if I'm on my own taking care of business, I'm still really fucking loud." "A few years ago, I tried to have sex inside my college library, and let's just say it didn't work out because I am really loud and the library is really quiet, so you could hear everything from the zipper being pulled down to me telling him, 'Did you bring a condom?' Everybody could hear me but they waited a half-hour before they came up and took us away." As a porn star in Los Angeles with lots of fuck scenes under her garter belt, Bridgette picked up all the tricks of the trade. The messy spitting, the total swallowing of cock to the root with gagging and choking, the salad tossing, the wild sex positions-- all the "porn sex" games that the average girl won't do. Bridgette calls her tits "princesses." "I'm quite a sexual person," says Bridgette. "So I like to find new things that excite me, like going to the pleasure stores and bypassing my own DVDs and finding new naughty things to try out." Bridgette loves pussy. "I love sensual girls who know how to actually eat pussy," Bridgette says. "It's delicious to give and to receive. I love anal sex. It's amazing! There's nothing better than getting off from both vagina and ass!" .

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November 25, 2014
Bridgette is one of the sexiest women on Earth. Thank you, Scoreland!

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