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British hottie Danniella Levy from Essex takes phone calls and talks dirty on TV, charming the pants off the viewers and proving that UK television is more progressive and educational than American TV programming. She finally made it over to the USA and Katie Thornton was along for the ride. Daniella has her domestic side too. "I like going horse riding and I love spending time with my family. I'm an auntie, so that's very important to me. I like doing girlie stuff. Going to the beauty salon, shopping. I donate to a children's charity. I think it's important to be nice to people." Daniella has three sisters. Guess who's the wildest one? "I have to cover up when I go to my sister's house because she says, 'Put your tits away in front of the kids!' The kids do drawings of me and my head is small and my boobs are huge.
Featuring: Danniella Levy
Date: February 21st, 2016
Duration: 57

Member Comments

2 years ago 
insanely hot....her look and seduction is so so intoxicating...images 43 and 44.....and 36, like a moth to the flame....that tongue stuck out knocks me senseless....and her voice is beyond hot...she can, has and will have any warm blooded male eating out of the palm of her hand.....leveraging everything they may have wishing for more....
2 years ago 
Danni is totally gorgeous. I love how pretty she is and with those boobs she is every man's dream. I've spoken to her loads of times on Babestation and she is an absolute stunner to talk to as well.
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