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Piano Tuner

With Daphne Rosen, a tit-man gets the best of both worlds. A girl who's always evolving and growing in every way, Daphne is America's best known Jewish porn star as well as a mega-boobed star. In this edition, Daphne does both glam and slam, with a hot solo pictorial, a fantasy-babe in a sexy evening gown on a piano in a swanky Miami penthouse. In her second pictorial, Daphne the college-educated sexologist attempts to help a husband and wife's floundering marriage get back on track by showing the anally-obsessed husband how to get his wife to give up her booty backdoor for his fudgepacking fuckstick. This is a job for Dr. Daphne Rosen, PhD, SCORE Sex and Relationship Therapist. But because Daphne is a porn star doesn't mean everyone she fucks is a superstud. "Professional guys have been worse than the guys in my personal life," Daphne once told us. "I've had a higher percentage of guys in porn not be able to control themselves than in real life, so it really does depend on the guy and how he's doing that day." Her experiences in anal sex qualify her as an expert. "Any time with anal, the hole there is muscle, so when it's relaxed, it's way easier to get in.
Featuring: Daphne Rosen
Date: March 1st, 2011
Duration: 187

Member Comments

3 years ago 
3 years ago 
Daphnes tits are so round and beautiful.
4 years ago 
The photographer needs some serious recognition and this is probably Daphne's best set ever. She looks so lovely in this set, very irresistible.
5 years ago 
daphne is a ture goddess of score.
7 years ago 
OMG! This woman makes her own music. Plays a magnificent skin flute.
7 years ago 
First off I must say Daphne is one of my very favorite models. Her body just ozzes with sexuality. I thought this set was one of her very best, such elegance and style. I do have one recommendation for her. She should shave all of the pubic hair except for one very thin but about 3 inch long slit above her clit. I have seen this style on several porn stars and it looks so sexy. Please tell Daphne I would be more than happy to do the job for her if she chose to do it. :-)
7 years ago 
First of all, give this photographer a raise. They really get how to light and shoot Daphne. This set is so elegant, sophisticated, and just incredibly arousing. Daphne looks amazing. It is hard to imagine how much fun it would be to go down on Daphne, but this set sure makes me want to find out. I especially love the shots where the back of her thigh and ass are lit. Just amazing photography and pure art.
7 years ago 
What an absolutely beautiful woman Daphne Rosen is. So voluptuous, so striking, so desireable. Here is one woman I would do almost anything just to spend a little time with her. I imagine I'm very ill and she is nursing me back to health, in more ways than one. She always gives an exceptional photo spread, whether alone or in XXX. I just can't get enough of her. Keep it going Daphne.
7 years ago 
Daphne is always a woman who makes me want to jack off.
7 years ago 
Daphne rocks!
7 years ago 
OMG... what a spectacular body and a spectacular pair of tits!!
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