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Tool Time Teaser

Enough of sending jobs overseas. Bring manufacturing back to America so busty Americans can get jobs again. They can dress like tool-time girl Demmi Valentine and bend over a lot. Demmi and girls like her know how to fix America's broken shafts, pistons and rods. Demmi can really fix your wagon. "If I dress sexy, I get a lot of whistles and guys calling out to me," Demmi says, giggling. "Construction workers, drivers. I like it. Of course, I want them to be nice and flirty. I don't want anyone following me [giggles]" "One of my fantasies is about guys in uniforms.
Featuring: Demmi Valentine
Date: October 30th, 2014
Duration: 35

Member Comments

3 years ago 
All I can say is: looks like cute little Winnie from the Wonder Years grew up and filled out. Very nice.
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