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Featuring: Eden Mor
Date: June 4th, 2011
Photos: 53
Eden's return led to some props as well as some regrets by boob-men who prefer the original V-mag version of Eden beginning in 2004 when TSG was the first studio to photograph her. But her slim-down is mostly in her mid-section once you study her photos. Fast forwarding six years later, the Israeli brunette has trimmed way down, recently teaming with Valory, Sophie Mae, Lana Ivans, Michelle Bond and Arianna Sinn for the flick Big-Boob Finishing School. But those compact disc-sized areolae haven't changed a bit and she hasn't lost her tan-lines either. Eden says when she dresses to go out to a club at home in Israel, she doesn't overdo the cleavage exposure. She'd rather be low-key. But that doesn't always work and she always manages to attract a lot of guys eager to bag her attention. "Guys always like to ask me questions about my breasts. Things like 'If I like them and if I play with them?' They have been asking me since I was in school. I used to feel pain in my back from the weight of them but when I began to work out at the gym they felt better." When Eden's latest video appeared on SCORELAND, Jeff wrote, "Eden, I'm one of your biggest fans.

What Members are saying about this update...

October 25, 2016
Blew my load before the bra came off!!! SO HOT!!
August 02, 2014
Why, oh why, are tan lines so hot
June 07, 2011
OK, when do we see her in some HC action??
June 07, 2011
Her pussy should not to be abandoned,too.
Especially ,her pussy juice ,whitely slightly increased , but seems to be
I think that her pussy juice is slight sour but very juicy.I want to suck her
pussy and taste her pussy juice all day !!
June 05, 2011
Ahhh Eden- I have been a fan of hers from the start and she is one of the rare models that I have enjoyed in all her different stages. She has the best legs and she knows how to show them off. Her amazing breasts alone make her fantastic but throw in the eyes, hair, legs and caboose and she has all the makings of an all star. Thank you TSG for having a knack for finding natural beauty all over the world!
June 05, 2011
I am madly in love with you Eden Mor.
June 05, 2011
Israeli woman ? She is the second coming of "Nilli Willis" !!
June 05, 2011
The more she is slim , became more more erotic !
In particular , the somewhat sagging big tits with huge areola is the best !!
June 05, 2011
Sweet girl, I like her tits.
June 04, 2011
It doesn't matter what color it is, Eden also has one of the best heads of hair on
Scoreland - ALWAYS looks so lush and sexy.

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