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Twin Torpedos

Elizabeth Starr's pictorial from January '12 SCORE is a study in super-slim extreme stackitude! She knows what tit-men like to see their megaboobed women in. Tight halter tops, tight bras, skyscraper heels and tight jeans, and in this case, jeggings. And then she spreads her pussy and butthole wide enough to require a widescreen monitor. The Boob Brotherhood speaks. "Get more of this gal! Phenomenal tits! Mouth is too sexy."-Tom. "WOW! A welcome return for an extremely horny chick!"-Nige. "Still the queen of huge tits. So many imitators but only Elizabeth Starr, Minka, Kayla Kleevage (old school SCORE gals) reign supreme!"-Regno. "This is the sort of thing I would have gone crazy for as a young, fledgling boob man back in the 90s. And you know what? I STILL go crazy for this sort of thing!"-Jared.
Featuring: Elizabeth Starr
Date: January 18th, 2012
Duration: 50

Member Comments

2 years ago 
I have to have another go at this shoot seeing as it is simply classic. She delives some level of fire and uniqueness that never fails to captivate me. The outfit here is so sexy it is insane. The bra, the jeans, heels, the poses and expressions...favorite is when she grabs her crotch with clothes on...then another I love a ton is 47, the ass up pussy spread is a melter. She has it all wired tight in this shoot...TSG, how about that special vault footage I know you all are saving....any chance we could get that posted...haha, just playing...thanks for this gorgeous model, she is really special.
3 years ago 
I joined literally for this.
6 years ago 
Elizabeth is such a sexy hot lady. Man I hope a hardcore segment comes out on DVD that she is in..T+T 8 is pretty sweet but I find I'd love to see her again. Her fuck talk is nice!
6 years ago 
Ohhh Elizabeth, what I would give for one night with you!!
6 years ago 
Slim and stacked, they way I love them. More please.
6 years ago 
WOW!!! MORE, MORE, MORE!!! Of Elizabeth Starr
6 years ago 
Lizzie is by far... the hottest big bust model. She is original... even down to her sexy moaning. How many titans have you seen get this excited about being busty and beautiful. Would you rather they smile at you and try on bras? Follow her through her career. SMART (great biz woman) and pa attention to her evolution.. just AMAZING!!!
6 years ago 
Excellent jerking material, thanks, Elizabeth
6 years ago 
YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! Gos sheis great, fills out a bra so well, I trust there's a video for this! Please get the good lady to do a bra changing video!
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