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How to have sex in a movie theater by Felicia Clover: "First of all, we find a movie theater that is really empty. Then we sneak in after the movie starts so that people are not paying attention to us. And then I have cowgirl sex in the chair. You know, bouncing up and down on the dick. But we have to be very, very, very quiet." How to have sex while driving by Felicia Clover: "Well, first you find a deserted road. The more deserted, the better so you don't run into anyone. Okay, so I have the guy lay down in the driver's seat and he puts his foot on the gas. Then I sit on his dick, reverse and do all the steering while we have sex. I totally suggest that people try it!" This has not been a public service announcement by Felicia Clover. .
Featuring: Felicia Clover
Date: April 1st, 2013
Duration: 70

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4 years ago 
a great looking model Felicia has abeautiful body. hope to see her again soon. thank you
5 years ago 
Words can't express how completely infatuated I am with Felicia Clover. She is an absolute angel. So beautiful. So sexy. So heavenly. I could stare at photos of her all day. I've never seen such perfection.
5 years ago 
Love her thick ass!!
5 years ago 
Felicia is without a doubt-the most gorgeous woman on entire Internet, my cock is throbbing hard for her and feels so good! She is the most perfect woman on earth, her looks are to die for, her hips and her fat goddess butt and plump tummy drive me insane, I would do anything to have her goddess delicious dream heaven plump pussy and cum inside it every single day, and of course lick and kiss her big big perfect butt and smell it and spread her goddess cheeks and smell her goddess dream gorgeous asshole and lick it for hours and hours! She is the reason I joined this site 2 months ago, I saw a random free pic of her on the Internet from here, I could not stop thinking about her!! Oh my god I love her tits, their shape, her entire shape, her genetics are magnificent and perfect for sex and having babies! I'd give anything on earth to suck her goddess nipples especially when they were full of milk and drink all of her milk!!
5 years ago 
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