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Nyx Clicks With Hard Dix

Featuring: Harlow Nyx
Date: February 15th, 2015
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Harlow Nyx (April '15 SCORE) is a refreshing girl. She'll fuck you and when she's done with you, you can find the door on your own. She reminds us of Amber Brooks, a model SCORE shot ten years ago. Not physically alike, but she felt the same way about sex. If you're the kind of guy who likes pain-free hook-ups and nailing hot chicks as a mutual game with no morning-after and no follow-up phone calls, this is the kind of girl you want. if you're looking for a lovey-dovey girlfriend, then this kind of babe is a definite challenge to your game. When Tony Rubino tries to tell Harlow that he'd love to get to know her, she gives him the eye. Then she grabs him by the shirt and tells him that she doesn't want to get to know him. She just wants to fuck. Now this girl has game and all the goods to get guys horny for her: face, big natural boobs, ass, legs.

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