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Featuring: Ingrid Swenson
Date: February 10th, 2016
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We have a new classification for a group of big-titted models who have husbands but pose nude and, sometimes, fuck guys who are not their husbands at the SCORE Studio. They include Kelly Christiansen, Holly Halston, Jayden Prescott, and this sexy blonde, Ingrid Swenson. Wives I'd Like To Fuck or WILFs. Ingrid kicked off her intro at SCORELAND with a bang, a full-blown fuck scene like a lot of newer models the past few years, a trend that's been increasing. Whatever the reason, not many are complaining. Ingrid lives in Miami Beach with her sig other. She has a really spectacular figure that can also be completely inspected in a video interview in SCORE Theater. "I was 19 years-old when I had sex for the first time. My first man became my husband," said Ingrid. Obviously, Mr.

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September 01, 2014
Wow what a hard on
August 27, 2011
She's so hot
April 07, 2011
Finally a set of her solo where I can think of her and I alone while I wank like a
April 07, 2011
Wow. That little outfit looks killer on Ingrid.

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