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Strapping Blonde Bra Buster

Featuring: Jenna Jayden
Date: September 23rd, 2014
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Jenna Jayden stretches a tight top, rendering it unwearable except by another girl as stacked as she is. Jenna on big boobs: "I'm a 38H," says strapping blonde stripper Jenna Jayden, a newcomer from Ohio. "I'm proud of them. My tits are just too big for regular bra stores so I usually have to order my bras online. I love my tits and not a day goes by that a guy doesn't compliment me about my chest. I've seen men checking me out trip over their own feet. I'm definitely a girl who feeds on attention. It gives me energy and motivates me. Wearing very sexy clothes and revealing tops is so fun." Jenna on dating: "I don't date much. I do, but rarely.

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June 09, 2015
I cam very surprised how few comments there are on the shoots for this model...she's a fox vixen for sure. I love that super blonde hair and gorgeous tan skin, nails and killer, great images; love that sweet pussy spread or hotly played with pussy in concert with the gaze of pleasure.

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