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For The Fun Of It

Jessi Rhodes became a model just to try it and discovered that she really liked the entire experience. A friend told her about SCORE magazine and she checked us out, then sent some photos. "I definitely get a lot of attention because of my chest. I like to wear a lot of tight shirts and a lot of V-necks," says Jessi, who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and has a cheerleader/Prom Queen look about her. Jessi has the saying "Forgive and Forget" tattooed on her inner left wrist. A fun date for Jessi is Laser Tag and go-karting. "I like to target shoot and go to concerts. I play softball and soccer and I am also a Yankees fan. I'm interested in acting and I want to be in a music video. I enjoy body painting, fitness, sports and bikini modeling." "My sexual fantasy is to have sex in an airplane.
Featuring: Jessi Rhodes
Date: March 6th, 2013
Duration: 60

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Gonna put her in my book under "nutbuster"
2 years ago 
so in love with this girl
5 years ago 
She is perfection!! What I wouldn't do to be able to call her my girlfriend
5 years ago 
Wonderful! Jessi is so natural! GREAT smile!
5 years ago 
Score - you did great finding Jessi, this is the type model I want to see and she's why I joined!

Jessi, thanks so much for showing the goods!!!
5 years ago 
After not being a Scoreland member for quite a while, this woman is the one that got me to sign up again. More Jessi, please! ASA freakin' P.
5 years ago 
sooo sweet and beautyful!!!
5 years ago 
Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone!!
5 years ago 
I definitely need to see more of Jessi. Very hot.
5 years ago 
Jessi Rhodes is adorable. I can't wait to see more of her.
5 years ago 
the tan lines on her bum make me want to cum badly.
5 years ago 
OMG! Beautiful! When do we get to see more?
5 years ago 
Oh my god score you scored big time finding Jessi Rhodes, OMG thank you!! Oh my god she is gorgeous, her thick dream curves are making my cock throb to paradise!!! Oh my god her legs are to die for, her butt is heaven gorgeous, OMG!! Oh my god her brown panties are driving crazy under her skirt!! Oh my god her smooth pussy is heaven heaven heaven on earth!!! Oh my god her thick curves are making my cock throb hard, oh god she is beautiful, I love her totally naked, oh my lord it takes my cock to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!! Good lord that girl is so thick, her butt is so big and gorgeous!! Oh my god I love when she spreads her big butt cheeks open, oh my god, I love her gorgeous asshole-omg I want to lick and smell her gorgeous asshole for days, and her dream goddess thick pussy lips, I hope I see way more of Jessi, I love her-OMG!!
5 years ago 
hot !! absolute stunner !!

How do you end up getting babes as Jessica?? Wonderful and a feast for the eyes !!

Cheers !!
5 years ago 
Wowzer !
5 years ago 
she is a heart stopper. Bring More.
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