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Invitation From A Busty Babe

"I'm Irish and Sicilian," says beautiful girl-next-door Kate Marie. "I mostly got the Irish side. I naturally have freckles. But I have brown eyes with dark pupils. Besides the attitude of an Irish girl and her ability to hold her own in drinking, I'd have to say fair skin is another feature. You don't see a lot of women these days who are very pale, and it used to be a very proper thing beauty-wise. If you were a noble, you were pale. If you were a worker, you were tanned. I know a lot of Sicilian women who have big boobs or big butts. I think my chest is from my Sicilian side." So Kate has the best of both nationalties.
Featuring: Kate Marie
Date: December 23rd, 2015
Duration: 66

Member Comments

2 years ago 
She is gorgeous! What a lovely face and great body!! More please!!!
2 years ago 
Obviously, I love her body from head to toe, but DAMN look at those eyes!
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