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Milky Jugfucker

Lactation fans, rejoice. Kristina Milan's tits are engorged with milk and they are enormous. Huge and leaking moo-juice out of Kristina's nipples without her touching anything. This is a milkman's paradise. Kristina, one of the three queens of the Dominican Republic, hangs out for a chat with her sexo amigo Senor Largo. He pumps Kristina for info about herself. Kristina only speaks Spanish but no problem. Largo translates. Kristina likes a nice dinner and then sex. If she can fuck outside on the beach, so much the better.
Featuring: Kristina Milan and John Strange
Date: April 28th, 2011
Duration: 65

Member Comments

10 months ago 
This scene is legendary. Please bring her back! Btw, she is pregnant again...
5 years ago 
OMFG at pic 9! that is SO hot, she looks like she is so ready
for a bit of action. Her tits are unbelievable. I would live
as a slave for this woman to get the chance to fuck them and
drink the milk from them.
7 years ago 
Kristina ..I live to just to watch you
7 years ago 
Bravo Kristina!! You've got the most beautiful heavy hanging and lactating
udders i've EVER seen!! Such a horny sight to behold. I hope you'll keep them
leaking for as long ass possible. Thanks you so much Kristina, you're the best!
7 years ago 
She is a goddess!
7 years ago 
Now this is the body of a goddess!
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