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"I don't think my breasts have stopped growing," says Larissa Linn. She's outdoors this time, standing on the stone steps of an old country house. Larissa's wearing the kind of dominatrix clothing the girls wear at fetish parties and her big natural breasts look ready to flow over her tight bustier. Did she just leave a party like that at 6AM and take you to a private spot outside to show you her fantastic body? Larissa peels off her outfit and masturbates, looking at you. Taking a jug of icy water, she lifts it and dumps it all over her beautiful, naked body. "I had the biggest breasts in school," said Larissa, a candidate in the 2015 SCORE Newcomer of the Year contest. The results will not be announced by Steve Harvey. It was difficult to find good-fitting bras. My breasts grew so fast that I quickly outgrew my bras. I still have trouble finding bras that fit me." Larissa logs into SCORELAND to check out her latest.
Featuring: Larissa Linn
Date: December 25th, 2015
Duration: 75

Member Comments

1 year ago 
The 9 pics that are showing her full body standing grabing that big ceramic jar, is a beautiful classic pose, but is never with a too low camera angle, these 9 pics are nice but they are also ruined because the camera angle is placed super low, is too low, that creates distortion on the model's body, from 9 pics using that very low camera angle height, is not fair it should be an equal number of shots taken but with camera placed not too low, just placing camera at a normal height just like any person's eyes admiring her body probably level at her shoulders not level the camera at her knees. please we need to see her FULL BODY BUT NOT THAT LOW at least 3 images the FRONT, SIDE and BACK views of her body done with camera at a normal height. THAT WILL BE AWESOME, we really need to see a model's full body at least 3 images using a NOT TO LOW CAMERA ANGLE SHOT, thanks for bringing to use these stunning unique girls...
2 years ago 
Beautiful woman. Fantastic body...
2 years ago 
Larissa is stunningly beautiful in this set! Great poses, great photography, and a gorgeous model! Larissa is definitely deserving of some kind of recognition for her work this year. Can't wait to see what she does next.
2 years ago 
Sexy, beautiful, marvelous, amazing !
I loose my words to say how much I love Larissa. More of her pleaaaaaase !!!
2 years ago 
My God, I love this girl! She is one of my favorite new models, along with yesterday's update, Katie Thornton.
2 years ago 
Not that I love the hair and makeup - but Larissa should wear it like that at our wedding. (Hey, It's Christmas, I can dream can't I?)
But her in a wedding dress WOULD make a nice set come to think of it...
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