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Nipple-Pierced Knockernaut

38DD-cupper Lexy Mae has no shortage of horndogs trying to bag her phone number or email address. She gets hit on a lot. "The funniest pick-up line a guy ever said to me was 'You wanna come home with me and my wife?'" Did she? Lexy never said but it's possible she did. "People say I masturbate in a weird way," reveals Lexy Mae. "I usually do not put my fingers inside but rub the nerve above my clit hood. It feels amazing. I do have a few toys that I like to use every once in a while." That doesn't sound weird at all. Lexy Mae is from North Carolina. She reads a lot and likes to play video games. She wears a bra all the time except when she is at the beach or working out. "If I am going out to eat, I normally wear a pair of jeans with a nice, dressy shirt. If I am going out to a club, I will normally wear a revealing dress or a revealing shirt with a mini-skirt." Lexy is a big baby at 5'10" and 175 pounds. She likes funny guys who are easy to talk to and goes for the basic stuff on a…
Featuring: Lexy Mae
Date: June 21st, 2011
Duration: 70

Member Comments

7 years ago 
thanks for another awesome pic set
7 years ago 
Really cute girl but, what's up with the guys names on her chest? Major turn off! "think before you ink"
7 years ago 
man!!! it's always great to see a lovely all natural voluptuous woman. the dark hair, pierced nipples(not my thing but i think i could make an exception in her case)the beautiful fair skin. she's the inbodiment of what Vmag originaly started out to be, to bad we don't see enough models like her in Vmag anymore.
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