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Reeling Them In

Many big-jugged girls actually can't suck their nipples. They just can't bring the nipple up that high or the breasts are just too packed solid to lift to their lips. But Lillian Faye is a champ at self-sucking! Her tits are pliable enough to accomplish this much-loved skill. True girlfriend-next-door material, Lillian likes to go fishing as a hobby and that led to this shoot. Lillian says the best part of her anatomy is in front of her. She thinks her bra size is a 34DDD but like many girls, she doesn't exactly know for sure. Lillian is so slim and has such an under-bust that she looks extra-busty. She heads over to a shady spot to play with her thick-lipped pussy that many breast lovers marvel over. Fishing can wait. She has bigger fish to fry.
Featuring: Lillian Faye
Date: July 30th, 2012
Duration: 40

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Lillian is very sweet and is tiny with such big naturals and huge labia...very appealing
5 years ago 
I spoke too soon when posting my comment on self-sucking. See the other Lillian Faye photo set to see *real* self-sucking -- wonderful!
5 years ago 
The thing is, these are described as showing "self-sucking". They are not. They show nipple-licking, which is *not* the same as sucking. What I want to see is the woman fasten her lips around her nipple and suck it into her mouth (and hold it there as long as she can, preferably while masturbating). Gya Roberts can do that -- let's see all the other big-tit girls who can do it performing that in *all* their photo sets and videos.
5 years ago 
Lillian is one of the best. Lean and slim, extremely
beautiful natural tits, and I love those big pussy lips. How
often does that combination come along?! More sets please!
5 years ago 
I think that her huge natural jugs are very soft and her mammary tissue is very
minute for massaging and sucking as well as her meaty large pussy lips.
5 years ago 
Of course I could go on and on about her tits (and probably
have in other posts), but damn, what a cute girl! Total
girlfriend fantasy...the pretty face plus the sweet smile.
Wow! Add in the gorgeous slim & stacked body and you've got
one of my favorites who shows up WAY too seldom.
5 years ago 
Seriously? Where is the rest of the set?
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