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Lush Life

Phoenix local Lola Lush likes to flaunt her ass with class. "I like to dress sultry and sexy but not trashy. I'm not a ho so I don't try to look like one. I dress with style that's hot and come-hither. I always wear a bra except to bed. Gravity is not the friend of a busty model." What does Lola look for in a man? "Eye contact, a man who comes on light, not heavy, directness when he speaks, excellent hygiene, consistency and a seductive manner are what I notice in a guy. A guy who takes care of his body in every way." Things Lola would like to do in the years ahead: have sex with two men in a DP, go parachuting, learn to ride a motorcycle, learn French and Romanian and try a gangbang. Definitely not the average to-do list. She considers herself sexually assertive and will make the first move if she likes a guy. Regular sex and clit stimulation float her boat best and she's willing to try new things in bed.
Featuring: Lola Lush
Date: June 3rd, 2009
Duration: 70
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