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Maid For Sex

Featuring: Marie Leone
Date: November 12th, 2015
Photos: 75
Set to turn 22 on December 14th, Marie Leone takes a spin as a domestic, cleaning Peter's place while his wife is out. And Marie is just maid for sex, you know, so this feather dusting business is about to end because she wants to clean his cock, not his clock. Marie seems to be new at maid service since she keeps knocking over decorations with her big tits as well as her duster. But that's fine. The show is better than any degree of cleanliness. Marie is not really cut out to be a maid. Her skills lie in getting naked and spreading on-camera and in hardcore shoots. At home, Marie is pretty domesticated. She likes cleaning, especially her husband's dick. "My hobbies are cooking and cleaning.

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