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Texas Ta-Ta Teaser

"Guys look at me and think I'm a girly girl who can't do anything, but I can actually put up drywall, lay tile and do other projects. I love using power tools," said Morgan Page who hails from Texas and is a fairly recent arrival to photo modeling. She used to be a dancer and knows what guys like in a girl. Tits. Ass. And everything else. "I know that men like tits and I have big tits. When I need something, it's nice to know that I can show a little cleavage and men will pay attention to what I need done. I'd like to become known as a model, but I also want to have fun. Back home, I don't show myself off on purpose, but my boobs are so big that it looks like I'm dressing to show off.
Featuring: Morgan Page
Date: April 20th, 2013
Duration: 55
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