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Shelby's First Tits, Tugs & BJ!

Featuring Shelby Gibson
Date November 6th, 2015
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"I love coming to SCORE and showing off for you," Shelby Gibson commented when her previous scene was posted ("The Hot Wife Of A SCORE Reader.") "I can't believe that I am nominated for the 2015 Newcomer of the Year award. What if I could win? This solo set was fun but wait till you see my next set!" That next set is Shelby's first time with a stunt-cock and for her, because she loves big ones, JMac gets the honors. The SCORELAND Blog of September 14, 2015 tipping us off to what was coming Shelby's way drew a whopping 58 comments. Sitting ringside watching Mrs. Gibson wrap her big tits around the cock, Mr. Gibson himself later commented on that Blog, "Watching my wild wife in hot, torrid action was unreal! And I can confirm that she really did cum several times. And that Shelby and JMac kept up the action even when the cameras weren't rolling!" The last time a Tits & Tugs generated this much excitement was when Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps' did their first and only Tits & Tugs videos. Shelby's the closing guest on SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 2 and talks about her first Tits & Tugs. If you haven't seen it, we recommend you click into it. This SCORE reader's wife lives a hot life.

What Members are saying about this update...

April 04, 2016
Come on!!! Do it all!!
December 27, 2015
MMMMM you are such a HOTTT load drainer!
December 08, 2015
Thank You for your nice comments and Thank You so much for your votes! It would be soo amazing if I could win!! I would HAVE to come back and show off for you even more!!!
Dr. John
December 02, 2015
I just voted for the gorgeous Shelby Gibson for Newcomer of the Year. I hope all her many fans and admirers will do so too. Would love to see Shelby showcased much more often, in HotWife jewelry and sexy bikinis, (a scene like you just posted on Nov 3 2015 with Claudia in skimpy bikinis on a waterfront deck would be perfect for Shelby). And agree that hearing much more of her HotWife lifestyle is an additional aspect to her special attractiveness and naughty sexuality.
November 09, 2015
This shoot made me want to be cuckolded. Must have been an incredible experience for Mr Gibson, watching his beautiful Wife handling a big cock.
November 07, 2015
Amazing. Love you Shelby, hairy pussy and all. Love that you are still wearing your wedding ring.
November 06, 2015
Awesome pic series!
November 06, 2015
I so hope you guys like my photo set? I had SOO much FUN making it!! JMac actually made me cum more than once on set!! As a total amateur SCORE wife I'm new to this "professional" stuff and am still pretty nervous. I love reading the nice comments and if you guys let me know how much you like it I'll have to come back and do more... Hopefully a LOT more!!!
November 06, 2015
OMG!! wow, this woman is a goddess!!! Make her your #1 priority!! Can't get enough of her, she's absolutely perfect!
November 06, 2015
I've always thought Shelby hot, but these pictures and the interview questions which accompany them take her to a whole new level.

Dave & Elliot, guys you're duty bound to make Shelby's BBG & BBBG fantasies happen.

Shelby Gibson, the stuff porn legends are made of!

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