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The Breast of Tits & Tugs 6

Featuring: Terry Nova
Date: February 9th, 2016
Photos: 45
Terry Nova is trying to learn English--she doesn't speak a lick of it--but she's shy and at a loss to repeat the instructor's phrase. He admits he's only trying to tutor her so he can get a look at her big natural boobs. Everybody wants to bang Terry's ta-tas. Reaching out to feel her soft breast-meat, he's not rebuffed by Terry who takes things into her own hands and teaches the teacher what she knows about Tits and Tugs. And that's a lot. The silent type in any language except for the language of big-tit sex and milking dudes, Terry gets a-yanking her teacher's stiffening ruler with a quiet, methodical attention to detail that is found in many over-achievers seeking a PhD in tit-fucking. We only wish there were more students as qualified as Terry Nova. .

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