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Executive Sweet

Featuring: Tori Karsin
Date: August 24th, 2014
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How many of you have, or have had, a lady boss with big tits? How many of you have, or have had, a lady boss with big tits who called you into her office so she could drop her bra, drop her panties, get on the floor and masturbate her butthole with a butt plug and finger-fuck her pussy? We see that not many of you are holding your hands up. That's what female executive Tori Karsin does in her Executive Sweet pictorial and video here at SCORELAND. Yes, the perks of having a horny lady boss are sweet indeed. "I masturbate daily, at least once a day," says Tori from Texas. "Most of the time, I masturbate several times a day. I love to look at porn DVDs and videos on the computer and masturbate as much as I can." A girl after our own hearts. Most women claim, at least in surveys, that they like to read soft-core erotic books but girls such as Tori like to see it and bake their cookies, not just read about it. This is very commendable. More women should be encouraged to join TSG websites and give their fingers and toys some exercise. When she has time, Tori likes to visit strip clubs in Houston.

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