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Pink All Over

Featuring: Trinity Michaels
Date: July 25th, 2012
Photos: 60
It used to be that many big-boobed models were dancers and were discovered in clubs ranging from bikini bars to 100% nude clubs. That dynamic has changed the past few years as more of them are doing the at-home cyber-cam shows. That's what Trinity Michaels is doing these days. She says guys don't need a cheesy pick-up line. The funniest one I've heard was, 'Hey girl, are you the little fallen angel I was looking for all my life?' But they don't need to do that. Just come up and talk to me," Trinity says. "Say hello and be yourself. I don't give out my phone number to strangers but I might take one from a guy if he's funny and nice." Trinity is not shy. She masturbates when no one is around to take care of her. ("I like sitting in a position that makes me squirt and use a dildo while vibrating my clit.") She's made it with girls.

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