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The Valory Irene-Danni Ashe Connection

When we handed this yellow micro-monokini to Valory, she looked at us and said, "What is this?" We explained to her that it was a bathing suit, and she laughed. "I think if I wore this to the beach where I come from, I would get arrested!" Not every girl can do justice to a monokini like this one. It takes a girl with a 42-27-38 body, her chest and her ass to make it look as wondrous as it does here. And check out Valory's ass as the monokini slices through her apple bottom. Valory's amazing ass, combined with the size and shape of her breasts, will inevitably result in people comparing her to Danni Ashe. We showed a picture of Danni to Valory and she said, "She is very beautiful." Then she paused and said, "She looks a lot like me." Then she laughed, realizing she was calling herself beautiful. By the way, note the dildo in the final photo: Is that a sign of things to come?
Featuring: Valory Irene
Date: September 27th, 2010
Duration: 40

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Magnificent nipples!
7 years ago 
Perfect boobs packed into a string bikini. Love you Valory and love you Scoreland!
7 years ago 
Gonna keep saying it! I LOVE big, PUFFY NIPS!! Valory -- keep showing them off!!
7 years ago 
Great figure - nice legs and cute ass in addition to wonderful breasts. Skin looks good too. Not the prettiest model facially, but many much plainer girls have made it big (e.g. LDM). Has more facial expressions in first shoot than Ashley Sage Ellison has ever shown (1, a blank stare). Valory is girl next door fantasy material. Photogs and make-up artists need to de-emphasise the strong nose and jaw, emphasise cheekbones, eyes and lips. And don't overdo the make-up like in the first shoot - too tarty for the GND. Removing the braces in time will allow a more natural smile. Hope we see plenty of her in future.
7 years ago 
What a luscious body. Her face is an 8. Her breasts are soooo delicious. I would definitely make a comparison to Danni Ashe.
Except Danni is a pro. This girl is too posed.
7 years ago 
WOW, the yellow Bikni Set is awesome. Valory's body is second to none. Her facial expressions are better in this set.

But my new thing is her hair! What's up with it? It's flat and looks like a wig. Your hair stylist needs to be fired.

More Valory please, but I'll take more Karla James too! Maybe the two can pose together in a Boob off!

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