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Putting The Show In Shower

Everyone loves Vanessa Y. The girl from Poland has a big following and gets high ratings when she appears at SCORELAND. Our camera followed her into the shower and what she does may alarm some SCORE and V-mag guys, but don't worry, it does grow back. Vanessa says she can be dominant or passive in bed. Sometimes she likes being spanked, other times, she likes to be the boss. She likes S&M but no one would ever guess that from her appearance and the way she dresses. "I will walk over to a man I like and make conversation. I am not shy in that way. Yes, I will have sex on the first date. It depends on the situation and the man." And she'll let him shower with her too.
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: December 16th, 2015
Duration: 46

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Vanessa, it is so generous of you to let us see you naked. Thank you.
2 years ago 
Exelent model more please i love this big ass
2 years ago 
asi me gusta mas Vanessa esta deliciosa asi gordita me encanta mas material de ella porfa
2 years ago 
Wow you shaved it of nice.? I love you hairy pussy you need to grow it back
2 years ago 
In general, I'm not a fan of these shaving-themed sets. Watching a woman shave her nether regions is not a fetish I find arousing. In this case however, the woman is Vanessa, one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She looks exceptional in this set and the photographer did an excellent job with some great angles and spectacular photography. Because she looks like she is having fun with it, I had fun looking at it.
2 years ago 
she looks great - a real woman!
2 years ago 
Sigh! It seems like a violation of nature for a hirsute sex symbol like Vanessa to shave like that. But, the nice thing about hair is that it tends to grow back :-)
2 years ago 
Couldn't agree with Anonymous more! I can't bring myself to save that "Early Years" set. There's WAY to much going on down there. Nice and clean and smooth, like she ends it here...that's the way it should be.
2 years ago 
Yay she shaved it off! She looks so much hotter shaved!
2 years ago 
She's shaved before and it grew back, just not as bushy. Oh well, it's her body.
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