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The breast life has to offer: One of the most slim-n-stacked naturals in the universe, Miosotis; A luxurious beachside resort, all-expenses paid; An afternoon of massage with Mio the masseuse using her giant, soft hooters as her instruments of dermal delight. What a life! Mio rubs Largo the right way and before long, the skin-to-skin rubbing and the weight and heft of her ginormous funbags lead to an open air suck and fuck. This is one massage that will not be forgotten soon. Mio opens her hungry mouth for his paste payload instead of offering her 36KKK�s for basting by ball batter. Mio won�t be needing lunch the way she gobbles his load! Read More »
Featuring: Miosotis and Juan Largo
Date: February 5th, 2011
Duration: 19:07

Member Comments

5 years ago 
do more
6 years ago 
she is fucken great
6 years ago 
She is so affectionate. What a sweetheart!
6 years ago 
Miosotis is something like a genie would create for you with a wish....she is so off the charts sexy...if that was my woman, my cock would be in pain from all the times I would shout on her impossible sized rack!
7 years ago 
she is awesome :p
7 years ago 
I'm convinced her pussy is ridiculously tight
7 years ago 
Anyone else sick of her being in videos with this dude? He is obviously not a big
tit guy. he barely acknowledges her beautiful breasts.
7 years ago 
Can you film her skipping and/or running along with her great tits jumping and flopping about? A great gal!
7 years ago 
Can you film her skipping and/or running along with her great tits jumping and flopping about? A great gal!
7 years ago 
Why is this humungous boobed girl in Voluptuous? She is not rounded, or plump or indeed fat. Just wounderful tits. For fat loving men Miosotis would be toooo thin!
7 years ago 
shes bigger then life.. lov huge boobs
7 years ago 
yo is that her man.. he is in heaven, every morning waking up to them big tits.. would be off the chart.. she got a sister??? :) score... u should do a pov.. bring it on
7 years ago 
Very good video,best cum shot i've seen in sometime.Hope she will make more
7 years ago 
A wonderful Movie
7 years ago 
I am in love with Miosotis!!!!!!!!!

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