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Size Matters

When the Blog announced Beshine's upcoming first appearance on SCORELAND, that entry, one bra photo and not a single word of text, drew over 70 comments--a record. That's the power of supersized boobs even today. While natural breasts claim supremacy now, a reversal of what things were like ten years ago, girls with science-fantasy tits still have the ability to make waves. Beshine, a pretty blonde German, seemingly came out of nowhere and the hidden cult responded. This debut video, the first of several, is an introduction to Beshine. "I knew I wanted to get bigger and bigger," Beshine says. "And when I started, I thought, 'I have to have them much bigger,' and then I thought that again, and so I grew and grew, and I liked it so much. I am very happy with them. I am really proud of my boobs, and I like when people look at me. Sometimes they are shy and make believe they're not looking. It's okay. I think that is cute. It started six or seven years ago. Maybe even a little bit… Read More »

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Featuring: Beshine
Date: December 26th, 2010
Duration: 20:43

Member Comments

3 months ago 
I love her! Please post much more!
1 year ago 
They are not a millimeter too big nor a gram too heavy. But my cock is longer than a good centimeter every time Beshine appears on my screen
1 year ago 
Jacked off countless times to this video when Beshine pulled the tape measure out and measured her monster tits, LOL!!!
1 year ago 
Ils ne sont pas un millim�tre trop gros ni un gramme trop lourds. Mais ma bitte est plus longue d'un bon centimetre � chaque fois que Beshine apparait sur mon �cran
6 years ago 
Hallo Beshine, Du hast die geilsten Titten von allen Girls bei Scoreland und ein wunderschönes aber auch ein geiles Gesicht mit sehr sehr schönen blauen Augen! Es wäre toll, wenn Du uns auch Deine schöne Fotze zeigen könntest, denn Du bist einfach perfekt!!! Küsse für Deinen schönen Mund aber auch für Deine Titten und Deine schhöne… Fotze!!!
6 years ago 
Hallo Beshine, Du hast die geilsten Titten, die ich je gesehen Du hast eine sehr sehr hübsches, geiles Gesicht. Zeig uns bitte auch mal Deine Fotze, das wäre dann perfekt!!! Ich finde Dich supergeil!!!!!!
7 years ago 
She has super big boobs that I like to get my hands on.
8 years ago 
Somebody jump on those huge tits and fuck them.
8 years ago 
Tits and Tuggs PLEASE!!!!!!!
8 years ago 
9 years ago 
I can only speak for myself but I dont mind fake boobs especially if she's cute. This is a cute girl for sure!
I'm not so impressed with fat girls with huge boobs even if they are natural...who cares? I'm 5'9" 165 lbs so I dont really get off on women that resemble NFL offensive linemen. I'll leave the big girls for the big guys...and..I'll take… fake boobs on a hottie over a plumper anyday!
9 years ago 
Beshine is AMAZING !!!! PLEASE, please, please lets see more of this truly stunning lady.
9 years ago 
9 years ago 
Holy Hanna ! Thank you Beshine for having the courage and confidence to enhance your bust to such a super size and then to share with Scoreland fans !

Thank you Score Group for enabling some of your fns to explore the limits of their big boob appreciation. I know this view is not universally shared, yet this is what makes Scoreland so great -… a little (or a lot) of something for everyone ...

Let's hope Beshine has better sound in her upcoming videos. I know many fans can not wait.
9 years ago 
A perfect example of the fact that you have something for everyone. This is obviously attractive to someone, but I don't think this girl is even pretty. And those boobs are almost comical. Like an exaggerated cartoon figure.
9 years ago 
What I think's that's a winner to take the place of Chelsea Charms what do ye reacon. They are big tit's When is Beshine they shaw are shinng out there can't wait.
9 years ago 
More of this glossy red facial lip stick look in future please! I know this is a boob site but in future I beg for a clip or two with five minute closeups dedicated to Beshine's face and mouth uninterrupted. Her boobs are an asset but so is her face! I can't wait for the day when sex sites figure out that face and mouth shots should be highlighted… more...especially with a woman of Beshine's magnitude! Why? Because half the time face & mouth is what many guys like to jack off too.
9 years ago 
That's is just fucking great blew my load right away man they are best home grown tit's ever wow.
9 years ago 
I cant stand the term "fake" breasts. They're not imagenary. In her case (and others) they are real breasts, just enhanced. People who believe there is no such thing as too big go for the superboobs like hers, to that end i and many other women and men out there say to her (and others like her with implants) thank you. Naturaly huge and majorly… enhanced breasted women can live together in harmoney... and maybe together in another girl girl video?! please and thank you! Your fan of women
9 years ago 
I love huge fake tits, the bigger the better. I love Beshine and Minka, Maxi Mounds and Kayla Kleevage. Keep them coming. Huge tits are the best
9 years ago 
Why is her site so expensive? It is over $50 nonrecurring. She sure has huge watermelons!!
9 years ago 
As a Beshine fan I really enjoyed the measuring very much weighing them also would have been nice as well. I just wished to see more either bare boobs or more cleavage such as lowcut or bikini tops.

She is one of few women that the veins on her boobs are not a distraction for it testifies that they are stretched to the max and for her that… really applies.
9 years ago 
well done score! keep signing beshine up!
9 years ago 
HOLY &HIT! I'm speechless.
9 years ago 
Great Video, Very, Very Bad Audio in video. You need to hire a better sound person.

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