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Topheavy Tugger

Catt was a cheerleader (she looks like one) and loves dancing, bowling, volleyball, soccer and football.

"I'm going to get my tug on," Catt says sweetly before the tugging and yanking commence. Sure, she's done it before but that was behind closed doors. Catt gets her 36G-cup tits oiled up first, creating a slippery cleavage valley to make a smoother path for the skin bus to drive through.

Catt has a really studious expression as she jacks and boob-massages the cock. She says all the horny things you'd want to hear with your dick in her sweet hands. You really have to hand it to Catt. Read More »

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Featuring: Catt Green and Ivan Nukes
Date: September 6th, 2020
Duration: 16:50

Member Comments

Put Tony on her for a fuck and facial. She says she likes facials. And red lipstick is a must!
She says she likes facials. Let Tony duck and facial her!
I love her volleyballs too!
Oh my god! Only 18 years old! What a great career awaits her. Think of it: first
blow job, first fuck, first time pregnant!!. I'd love to see her 18 year old tits
grow and grow and become more and more heavier! To see her mature from
girl into a real woman with huge heavy hangers. This happend to Sapphire
too. May this also be this sweat little girls' fate!
Lovely girl ! I'll bet this little guy loves playing with all these beautiful specimens.
Catt has a pretty face and great tits, any guy would love to cum on those tits, would love to see her do XXX

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