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Bounce Baby, Bounce!

Delotta Brown knows that skipping rope is a great way to get those juicy cantaloupes to shake, rotate, accelerate and circumnavigate. No bikini top can hold those babies from spilling out.

Delotta's pancake-sized areolae only add to her breast beauty. Her nipples are so suckable, they're fuckable. And that's what Mr. Surelick Holmes has in mind after Delotta jumps for him. Get her inside, squeeze 'em, worship 'em, suck 'em, kiss 'em and fuck 'em. Fuck 'em good. Suck 'em good until her nipples are hard and pointy. Get boob-battered in the face.

"Are you still breathing under there?" Delotta asks, laughing. A mindreader, she spits on the cock to lube it as it plows between her jugs. Prepare yourself for an extended tit and mouth fucking encounter because when Delotta's at hand, it's the breast thing to do.

When Mr. Holmes pumps Delotta from behind, her hangers continue to swing like bell clappers. The sweet sound of breasts slapping against each other fills the room. No other music… Read More »

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Featuring: Delotta Brown and Jeremy Holmes
Date: February 25th, 2019
Duration: 22:19

Member Comments

1 year ago 
I was hypnotized by Delotta Brown's big floppers and huge nipples! Awesome close-up camera work of her sucking off that cock, too. Great scene, despite the small "Media Offline" glitch at 15:26...
1 year ago 
Great scene! The sound of Delotta's tits bouncing is a sweet symphony. I'm crazy for her massive areolas.
1 year ago 
Delotta, I am still furiously stroking my cock for you everyday!!! Let's FUCK, FUCK, and FUCK!!!
1 year ago 
I just jacked off to those beautiful titty's.
1 year ago 
Heaven on earth, she is gorgeous.
1 year ago 
Please reach out to more busty black women like Delotta Browm. They are out there, especially in big cities.
I am a white man who adores black women like Delotta.
1 year ago 
I just love beautiful busty black women. Delotta is so fine and it's a wonderful interracial video. I would not mind making love to her. I would love to see more sex videos featuring her.
1 year ago 
damn i would love to empty my sack in her
1 year ago 
Delotta is amazing! More please.

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